Inquiry: How will I tell you about the form factor of my product packaging design? How will you come to know about various cutting and creasing marks?

Reply: When you place an order for product packaging design you are asked to fill in a client feedback form. All you have do is mentions the size of your packaging that is the length, width and the height. In this form we have also given images of possible form factors of packaging and all you have to do is select the kind of form factor you want and we’ll design the packaging accordingly. Just in case the kind of form factor that you want is not there, all you have to do is upload the image of the form factor along with the feedback. You can easily upload images from the feedback form itself.

Inquiry: I have various products coming under same design, For example I have got an orange juice packaging designed from your end and now I have various other juices such as apple, cranberries etc and all these will have a same packaging design but different images and color schemes. Will I get a discounted price on other designs in such a case?

Reply: Yes definitely. Under such circumstances we’ll definitely give you discounts on repetitive designs. We’ll do our best in such circumstances and discounts will definitely be given depending on the kind of designing project.

Inquiry: I want to graphically depict some special information on by packaging design. Will you do it for me?

Reply: Certainly, we’ll be happy to do that. Once you give us an order, designing your entire packaging design according to your needs is our responsibility. We’ll do our best to design a perfect packaging design for your product.

Inquiry: Can I define the number of colors that have to be used in my packaging design?

Reply: Yes, certainly you can do that. When you fill in the feedback form before ordering there is a separate field where we ask you about the number of colors that you want in your packaging design. Not only that here you also tell us the colors which you want in your packaging and the ones which you do not want in your designs. We have a simple color picker tool embedded in the form which makes it all the more easier for you to select wanted and unwanted colors.

Inquiry: What if I am not satisfied with the initial design concepts provided to me?

Reply: If for some reasons you are not satisfied with the initial design concepts created by us we give you one free redraw session. However, the number of design concepts provided in a free Re-Draw provided by us will depend on the nature of the designing project. We will however make a sincere and a whole hearted effort to provide you with best of designs possible so that the designs are in accordance to your perceptions. If you are still not satisfied with the design concepts you can further order for Re-Draws at a price that has been mentioned in the package itself. If you pay for Re-Draws the number of design concepts provided will be equal to the design concepts initially provided.

Inquiry: What is the turnaround time to get my initial design concepts?

Reply: You get your initial design concepts within 2-3 working days. Inquiry: How much time does it take to make revisions/modifications after I have chosen a design concept?

Reply: Any request for a revision/modification of a selected concept takes 1-2 working days depending on the complexity of the modification requested.

Inquiry: Who can I contact if I have queries or I need to discuss something about an ongoing project of mine? Reply: We offer 24 hour Customer support through live chat on our website. Our customer care representatives can solve all your queries and are always there to help you out. The moment you place an order the designer assigned to your project gets in touch with you through email. If at any point of time you want to discuss anything regarding your design with the designer you can always e-mail him/her.

Inquiry: What is the difference between Re-Draws and Revisions?

Reply: Re-Draw: Re-Draw is the process of creating the initial design concepts from scratch if we do not meet your expectations and you are not satisfied by initial concepts provided by us. Revisions: Is the process of making changes/modifications to the initial chosen design concepts, so that the final designs fully cater to your requirements.

Inquiry: How many Revisions can I request once I have selected a concept that I like?

Reply: The number of revisions which you can request depends upon the package that you have selected. The number of revisions that can be requested for is mentioned in the package details itself. Usually a design is completed in 2-3 Revisions. For further revisions that is more than those mentioned in the package we charge $25/- per revision. However, if our designers feel the need they can give one or two additional revisions without any charge.

Inquiry: In what all file formats do I get my finalized designs?

Reply: You get your finalised designs in the following mentioned file formats: AI: Is the proprietor format developed by Adobe for representing single page vector based drawing in either EPS or PDF formats. The .AI filename extension is used by Adobe Illustrator. CDR: Used with Corel Draw, developed by Corel Corporation. EPS: Encapsulated Post Script PDF: Portable file format PSD: Photoshop Document Developed By Adobe Systems proprietary to Adobe Photoshop Jpeg: Joint Photographic Experts Group GIF: Graphic Interchange Format Tiff: A high resolution file used for various printing purposes

Inquiry: Are there any additional hidden costs?

Reply: No, there are no additional hidden costs.

Inquiry: How will my designs be delivered to me? Will I get them through email or what?

Reply: Once you become a member of and log in you get a personalised client panel. Here you can see all your running projects, Previous Projects, Download Files of running as well as completed projects, History of Payments, Pending Payments, Information on Corporate Packages etc. This client panel gives you the entire information about your interaction with us. It is very convenient and easy to download files from here. The initial design concepts are also emailed to you but the final files which are much larger in size have to be downloaded from the client panel on our website itself.

Inquiry: Do you save my design files after the delivery has been made? Can I get back my design files in case I lose them?

Reply: We archive the files just in case they have been removed from the client panel. To retrieve files from our archive you have to remember the unique order number.

Inquiry: How can I post testimonials on your Website?

Reply: In your client panel you also have an option to post the testimonials. All you have to do is login to your client panel go to the post testimonials page from there and the required information and you are done.

Inquiry: What is Part Pay? Can I benefit from it?

Reply: Part Pay enables you to pay for your designing projects in parts. The 50% payment of the project value is made before the project is started and the rest of the payments are made by you once you like the initial design concepts created by us before making any revisions to the designs. Revisions will only be done once you clear rest of your pending payments. Anyone ordering on our website can benefit from Part Pay, but the Option of Part Pay should be there in the package that you are purchasing.

Inquiry: What are the various ways of making payment on your website?

Reply: You can make payments through credit cards that is Master Card, Visa and American Express. You can also make payments through PayPal if you want to.

Inquiry: Is it safe to transact online with

Reply: Every transaction carried out at is secured. So you just don’t need to worry about security while transacting with us.

Inquiry: What about the copyrights of my designs?

Reply: Once you have ordered any custom designing projects with us you are its legal outright copyright owner, and we do not have any claims to it whatsoever. You can also get the trademarks for your designs as well.

Inquiry: Does outsource my designing work to freelance Designers or use any designing contest or crowd sourcing platforms?

Reply: No, No, No! All our designers are in house and work on your projects. We never ever outsource your designing projects to freelance designers. You can at any time contact the designers who are working on your project through email, phone or live chat. We understand the importance of good and relevant designs for your business and product promotion and hence we never outsource your work to untrained freelance designers.

Inquiry: How important is it to provide detailed information in Customer Feedback Form?

Reply: Customer feedback form is the source through which we come to know about your needs and expectations from a particular. The more detailed information you provide about your products, services, company etc the easier it is for our designers to understand your requirements and convert them to relevant designs. Please feel free to write as much as you want about your company and about other fields that have been asked for in the customer feedback form. Apart from the customer feedback, our designers also conduct research on general industry trends in our industry and see for what the competition is up to and design accordingly so that your company is not left behind.

Inquiry: Do I get a CD for my design projects?

Reply: No. We do not provide you with a CD for your Designing projects. We have developed a detailed client panel on our website form where you can download your finalised files whenever you require them. In today’s world, with so much advancement in technology and easy access to internet, we do not feel the need to send your Project files in CD’s through mail, which are time consuming and unnecessarily increase the project cost as well. Instead just login to your account and download the finalized files

Inquiry: I really like a design template can I get exclusive copyrights for the same?

Reply: Yes, certainly you can get exclusive copyrights only for those design templates which are marked as EXCLUSIVE. When you purchase a template you can easily buy exclusive copyrights of the same at the same time. Once you buy exclusive copyrights for a template we will remove it permanently from our website and will no longer be available for sale to anyone.

Inquiry: I like a template but that some text should be added and a few colors to be changed. Can this be done for me?

Reply: Certainly, we can do that for you. Whenever you purchase a template from our website we ask you to fill in a feedback form where in you give all the details that have to be written on the template. For example in case of a logo template you provide us with the company name and the punch line and in case of packaging design template you provide us with the entire textual information that has to be written on the packaging design. Our designers will put this information on the template and complete the design for you. is the only company present which provides you with this kind of service.

Inquiry: I have purchased a design template and filled in the form for the changes that have to be made to template. After how much time will I be able to get finalized design?

Reply: Once the order has been confirmed for the template and you have filled in the feedback form for the changes that have to be made to the template the finalized design will be available for download from your client panel after 1-2 working days. Inquiry: Will my design also get published in your case studies section? Reply: Yes even you can get your designs published in case studies section. All you have to do is give us testimonials and if you have a website give us credit for our work on your website. To know more just send us an email and we’ll guide you through the entire process.

Inquiry: What are the benefits of getting my designs published in your case studies section?

Reply: When you get your designs published in case studies section of our website your company comes into the notice of many visitors. Apart from that you can easily share the web page which contains the case study of your designs on various social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, and lots more. By doing this you can spread awareness about your new product packaging, logo etc amongst a lot of people.

Inquiry: How can I share my case study page on social networking website such as facebook or twitter?

Reply: Every case study page created on our website has a share this button through which you can share that particular webpage on more than 200 different website! This is the easiest way to let your friends, clients, employees and vendors know about that newly launched product of yours or a new company logo that you have got.

Inquiry: What types of designs or styles do you use?

Reply: We are quality designer of rigid boxes, slipcases, ringbinders, book boxes, games boards, jigsaws, hand finishing, fulfillment and die cutting. You can see the different types on the Packaging and Design Styles page.

Inquiry: Can you provide cosmetic packaging for box sets as well as individual products?

Reply: We can design cosmetic packaging for fragrances, toiletries gift sets, compacts, perfume bottles, mascara, and any other type of cosmetic products that need packaging. Our designs are printed with high quality finishes and on special paper designed for cosmetic packaging.

Inquiry: What type of Corporate Packaging do you offer?

Reply: We can provide corporate packaging for custom presentation folders, three ring binders, custom made presentation cases, custom made boxes, promotional displays and much more.

Inquiry: Can you design DVD Box set packaging?

Reply: Yes. We have done designing project with leading publishers and multinational companies to design both bespoke box set packaging. The boxes were produced on fully automated equipment in slipcase, clamshell, collar box and flat board formats. Inquiry: Do you supply corrugated boxes? Reply: No we do not manufacture or sell corrugated boxes.

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